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Representation For A Wide Range Of Possession Offenses

Possession Offenses in California encompass a broad range of drug, weapons and child pornography matters. These are serious offenses, often very aggressively prosecuted and punished.

It is important to have experienced representation immediately upon arrest or charging, as the case may have been under investigation for a substantial period of time and you need experienced counsel to minimize risks to your defense.

More Than 25 Years Of Legal Experience

At Law Office of Richard Welsh, I provide experienced representation for these serious charges. These are often complex cases and you need an attorney who has substantial experience working with difficult cases in a high-pressure environment.

I have more than 25 years of experience as a prosecutor, so I understand many of the elements of these cases from both sides. I work to protect your interests and rights, no matter the challenges of the charges.

Possession Offenses

I have experience in California with these charges, including:

  • Narcotics
    • Sales or Transportation of Narcotics
    • Possession with Intent to Sell
    • Simple Possession
  • Weapons
    • Firearms & Ammunition
    • Dirks or Dagger
  • Child Pornography (Focus on Victim Advocacy)

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